Meet Our Team

Eddie Donnelly ~ Proprietor

Eddie Donnelly – Proprietor

Eddie has spent 25+ years working in I.T.  After years of working for a Multi-National I.T Company as a Field Engineer and working on the Dell and Barclays Contracts to name a few, there isn’t much he hasn’t seen.

Eddie crossed paths with Belinda Carlisle when she picked up his diary that he had dropped whilst he was loading a large laser printer into his van.  Eddie was of course speechless!

Eddie’s love of all things technical started at an early age, whilst dismantling his Dad’s cassette player, and putting it back together, with a few spare parts too!  His first computer was a 48K Spectrum, which he changed the membrane for the keyboard on!!

When Eddie isn’t working he can be found modding his Commodore Amiga 1200, and playing retro games such as Ashes of Empire and Police Quest.

Joanne Tippett ~ Manager

Joanne Tippett ~ Manager

Joanne has worked at E & S Computers since it was established in 2007.  She has a varied job background, from Business Admin, Hairdresser, Residential Care Assistant, and a Lunchtime Supervisor at a Primary School.  She has now gone full circle back to Business Admin, and is currently studying a Level 3 Diploma in Management.

Her interest in I.T started with the purchase of her first computer in 1992, an Amiga 1200, with hours spent playing games like Monkey Island & Maniac Mansion, and using the Word-processing package, to write stories.  Her Amiga has now been taken out of “mothballs” and is being lovingly restored and modded, so she can now be found playing retro games with Eddie in her spare time!

Joanne also enjoys other pursuits outside of work that are less technical, such as experimenting in the kitchen (much to Eddie’s delight – unless something goes drastically wrong!).  She likes to bake cakes, and on occassion brings them into work as a treat!

Kyra Oakley ~ Trainee Technician & Admin Assistant

Kyra Oakley ~ Trainee Technician & Admin Assistant

Kyra first became a part of E & S Computers team in the summer of 2016 during her work experience, during her week with us she assisted Joanne with many of her daily tasks.  Taking so well to the job Kyra now works with us on Saturdays and the occasional half term, she continues to excel in the tasks she carries out.  She has even started working with Eddie carrying out computer repairs, as she is studying I.T at Yeovil College.

Kyra always manages to produce wonderful window displays, keeping up with the current seasonal themes.

In her spare time, she enjoys to; read a wide variety of books, take her dog for a walk (a dog lover she is indeed!!), creative writing and designing new clothes. A girl can never have too many clothes!