Speeding up a slow computer!

We’ve all been there, switching on your computer, and then going off to make a cuppa whilst it boots into Windows.  Then another arduous wait for any application to open, whether it is a mail client, or a web browser!  The good news is there is a way to speed it up, which is more cost effective than buying a new computer!

RAM Upgrade

Older computers running Windows 10 generally have 4GB RAM installed as standard. Due to the evolution of Windows 10 since it’s release this has resulted in RAM usage increasing to 70%+ with just Windows 10 running, and no applications open. We recommend at least 8GB RAM to run Windows 10, which decreases the RAM usage to around 35% with only Windows 10 running and nothing else. You could even upgrade to beyond 8GB if your computer is capable.

Hard Drive Upgrade

Traditional hard drives are mechanical and have moving parts called platters which store data, and read/write heads which access the data. SSD drives however, use memory chips, making stored data instantly accessible, and increasing read/write speeds, making the boot speed faster, as well as the opening of applications.

If you are interested in finding out if your computer, whether it is a desktop or laptop, can be upgraded then get in touch.

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