Custom Ribbon Printing

We offer a ribbon and adhesive tape printing service, we can do a minimum print run of 1m, up to a maximum of 25m.

Check out the video – you will be amazed!!


The applications for printed ribbon is only limited by your imagination;

Wedding Favours & Wedding Party Gifts


  • Bride and Bridesmaid Bouquet
  • Wedding Favours & Table Adornment
  • Cake & Knife Decoration
  • Car Decoration


Birthdays & Other Celebrations

Romantic Gestures!
  • Cake Decoration
  • Gift Wrapping
  • Christening Gown Ribbon
  • Floral Bouquets
  • Gift Baskets




Let Your Imagination Go Wild!


  • Card Making
  • Labels for Handmade Items





Just to add that personal touch!

Small Businesses

  • Personalise Products
    • Cakes
    • Bouquets of Flowers
    • Gift Boxes



The ribbon is currently available in:

White – 38mm

The ink colours available are:

Silver – 38mm
Black – 38mm

Prices for ribbon printing start at £3.49 per metre.

If you can think of any other uses please let us know!


Adhesive Tape

Photo Albums & Scrapbooking

These can be used for Scrapbooking and sending parcels*.

The tape is currently available in:

Pink – 38mm & 50mm
White – 50mm

The ink colours available are:

Black – 38mm & 50mm
Red – 50mm
White – 50mm

Our adhesive tape is available on 25m rolls

Make a statement when sending parcels

50mm – £19.99
38mm – £14.99

*It is recommended to use a strip of the printed adhesive tape on top of the normal adhesive tape, this makes it more cost effective if sending lots of parcels.


Design Service

We charge a design fee of £5.00.  Once we have designed the ribbon or tape, we will print the image on A4 paper, which you can then proofread and sign.  In most instances we should be able print whilst you wait, but during busy periods we may need to book you in.

If you have any questions about ribbon and adhesive tape printing feel free to get in touch.