Online security has become more prevalent of late, and having secure passwords that you change on a regular basis is a must.  Here are some Q & A’s to help you out.

Q. I use the same password for all of my online accounts because it’s easier to remember them, is that ok?

A. No, you should use a different password for everything.  Don’t use your dogs name, your date of birth or special anniversary, or the word “password” or “123456”, these are all too easily guessed!

Q. How do I create a secure, but memorable password?

A. When it comes to creating a password it is all too easy to use a pets name, your Mother’s maiden name, or even a memorable date.  However, you can use them as a basis for a secure password.  You can swap numbers for symbols, so an S would become a 5 or even a $, and an E would become a 3, an A could be an @, and an I becomes an !, or an O would become an 0 you get the idea.  Make sure you use a mixture of upper and lower case letters too.  So, once you start putting this into practice your passwords will be much more secure, and your online security will be much improved.

Q. When should I change my password?

A. I’m guessing you’ve probably only ever changed your password because you have forgotten it.  It’s recommended that you change your password on important accounts such as emails at least twice a year.  Put a reminder in your calendar to jog your memory.  It’s a habit worth having!

Q. Is it safe to get my computer to remember my passwords?

A. You should always log out of your emails or any account you are logged into on your computer.  Should your computer become compromised your online accounts will become vulnerable, and as we know from our customers experience trying to do a password reset on an account that has been hacked is far from easy.

Q. How can I remember lots of different passwords?

A. Contrary to popular belief, you can write passwords down in a book, just make sure you keep the book safe.

Now go and change your passwords and make them secure!

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