BullGuard VPN

Why choose BullGuard VPN?

BullGuard VPN


BullGuard VPN does not log what you’re doing online, or keep records of the websites you visit, ensuring you have complete online privacy and security.


BullGuard VPN includes the technology to automatically prevent your IP address and other sensitive data being broadcasted via an unsecured connection, should your VPN be disconnected for any reason.


Watch all your favourite shows and movies in lightning-fast HD on any device. BullGuard VPH is optimised for highest speeds with no bandwidth limits or buffering.

Ease of use

BullGuard VPN is designed for regular users. It doesn’t require technical knowledge. You install it with a few clicks, connect with one click, and it just works 24/7.


Secure up to six devices simultaneously with a single BullGuard VPN account, whether a desktop computer, smartphone, laptop or tablet, and all major operating systems; Windows, MacOS, Android and iOS (iPhone + iPad).

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