We’ve become such a throwaway society, especially when it comes to technology. A lot of computers, both desktops and laptops are thrown out because they are outdated, even though the hardware itself is still in good working order. Sustainability and technology don’t usually go hand-in-hand, but where possible, at E & S Computers, we try to keep computers going for as long as we can, and that’s where Ubuntu Box comes in! Keeping older computers from their destiny of being taken to the recycling centre, for a little longer at least.

What is Ubuntu?

Ubuntu is an opensource operating system, with its first official release in October 2004, version 4.10, codenamed Warty Warthog. The quirky names have continued, with the last two versions codenamed Jammy Jellyfish and Lunar Lobster. But it’s more than just quirky names and being opensource, it isn’t resource hungry, and can breathe new life into an older computer.

Why should I consider Ubuntu?

With technology being a huge part of everyday lives, and the current cost of living crisis resulting in budgets not stretching as far, making purchasing a new computer more of a luxury than a necessity, Ubuntu could be the solution. It is an easy operating system to navigate, for both experienced and new-users, and with Libre Office, an opensource office package built in, which is fully compatible with Microsoft Office files, Word, Excel and PowerPoint, there is no need to pay for an Office 365 Subscription. The built-in mail client is Thunderbird, which has an integrated address book and calendar, which can be linked to your Google calendar. You can still use Firefox, Google Chrome and Edge browsers, as well as access Microsoft Teams, and you can also install Zoom too!

Ok, I’m sold! What do I do now?

We can supply a computer with Ubuntu installed (ask us about stock availability), or if you have an older computer, whether it is a laptop or desktop computer, and you would like us to install Ubuntu, give us a ring on 01460 259999, or pop in and see us in Ilton. We will be able to check your hardware specification, and give you a quote for the installation.

Embrace sustainability and give Ubuntu a try today.

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